Thursday, February 26, 2015

101 in 1001

If you haven't already heard about 101 Things in 1001 Days you should check out the following websites : Design Darling , Day Zero Project , Pretty & Fun. Basically you write out 101 things you'd like to do before the 1001 days are up. I couldn't just randomly come up with 101 ideas so I searched the previous sites for more ideas.

If I inspire you to create your own list, please comment below or email me! I will link your page at the bottom so that everyone else can search for your list and keep up with you as well! I will also try to post an update on my 101 in 1001 every Friday until I have completed the list.

Start date: February 25, 2015
End date: November 22, 2017

Completed will be bolded. In Progress will be italicized. Incomplete items will stay normal. 

Personal: (1-18)

  1. Come up with 101 things- 02/2015
  2. Update my license before it expires (you’re no longer under 21 Colleen….) - 08/29/2015
  3. Inspire at least 5 people to do this list at well! (1/5) (Becca)
  4. Figure out how to do makeup - Fall 2015
  5. Wear 5 “nice” outfits in a row (like, put yourself together…) - Fall 2015
  6. Fill my journal
  7. Read for a half hour every night before bed for 2 weeks
  8. Put phone away 2 hours before bed every night for 2 weeks.
  9. Donate blood
  10. Try 15 new recipes and put the ones I love into my recipe box
  11. Run 500 miles - (213/500)
  12. Make a new friend - May 2015
  13. Move out of my parents…again.
  14. Apologize to someone who deserves it (even if they don’t forgive you) - Read it here
  15. Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 30th birthday
  16. Create a business card
  17. Get my GPA back up.
  18. Complete another 101 in 1001 when this one is done.
Fitness & Health (19-25)
  1. Run 3ks - (3/3) Guns & Hoses, 02/29/15 with mom, 80's Rad, 05/09/15, Freedom Run, 07/04/2015
  2. Run a 5k with my mom - 02/28/2015, 05/09/15, 07/04/15
  3. Run a 5k with my sister
  4. Don’t skip a workout for a month (rest days count as workouts - just don’t make up a rest day for no reason) - April/May 2015
  5. No soda for 3 months
  6. Go on a hike - 05/13/15
  7. Attend a yoga class
Travel: (26-36)
  1. See the Grand Canyon
  2. Go somewhere else for NYE - Charlotte, NC 2015
  3. Travel somewhere by train
  4. Go apple picking
  5. See the northern lights
  6. Complete at least one road trip out of book (Route 66 anyone???) 
  7. Go on a cruise
  8. Visit London again
  9. Go to Sweden
  10. Visit 3 new states that I’ve never visited before- (2/3) - Illinois, August/September 2015; Washington D.C., April 2016; Missouri, September 2016
  11. A vineyard
Financial: (37-42)
  1. Invest in a stock for three months (thanks
  2. Clean out closet and donate/sell items
  3. Start up the BBQ business again (if dad says okay) 
  4. Open a retirement account and have monthly transfers set up
  5. Get a new job - Summer 2015
  6. Start a 401k - April 2016
Fun: (43-60)
  1. Campout in my backyard - July 2015
  2. Take Connor Sailing - 04/05/15
  3. Visit 3 different breweries - (3/3) Terrapin, 04/17/15; Red Brick, 06/05/2015; Reformation, 08/15/2015
  4. Leave a 100% tip to a great server for great service - 07/25/2015
  5. See a broadway play
  6. See an NFL game - Kansas City VS NY Jets, September 2016
  7. See an MLB game - 04/10/15 & many more!
  8. See the Red Sox at Fenway
  9. Sky dive? See Wrigley Field - August 2015
  10. Go on wine tasting tour
  11. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  12. Cut down a Christmas tree
  13. Go Skinny Dipping (scandalous…lol)
  14. Complete 10 crafts from my Pinterest
  15. Perform the chinese fire drill 
  16. Complete a t-shirt quilt for myself with the old shirts I cannot and probably will not ever get rid of
  17. Buy a Kayak - May 2015
  18. Go camping - 03/15/15
Family & Friends (61-67):
  1. Visit all of my dad’s nieces and nephews (great nieces and nephews count)
  2. Connect with Derian
  3. Connect with Jesse and Brian - Spring 2015?? 
  4. Send Grandma flowers just because she’s amazing
  5. Send birthday/christmas cards to all of my family members from me NOT from my parents & myself
  6. Go on a trip with my London Favorites!
  7. Go to NY with Connor
  8. Force Connor to watch all the Harry Potter movies with me in one weekend
Blog: (69-75)
  1. Be more open about my blog with people
  2. Start a Youtube Channel
  3. create a reader blog series based off the books I read while completing a reading challenge (starts 04/2015)
  4. make my blog its own domain - 03/20/2015! 
  5. make my blog its own Gmail email (pathetic, i know)
  6. launch a new blog post series - 06/2015, "Here Goes:"
  7. Encourage someone else to create their own list through my blog - May 2015 - Becca
Learn: (76-89)
  1. The difference between Roth IRA, IRA and a retirement account (are they the same thing? help I’m literally beyond confused) - September 2015
  2. Learn a second language
  3. Read 5 classics
  4. Read 30 new novels (ebooks count)
  5. How to tie a tie
  6. How to tie a bow tie
  7. Read the entire Bible
  8. To play the violin again
  9. To play the guitar
  10. Memorize 30 verses
  11. Get CPR certified - May 2015
  12. To french braid
  13. To keep my closet and clothes organized
  14. How to knit
Buy/Shop: (90-101)
  1. Gamble in a casino
  2. a silk robe
  3. tickets to a live taping of any show
  4. Eat at one of the top 10 restaurants in the world (thanks )
  5. Go to Ruth’s Chris on a date (it’s expensive)
  6. Plants/vegetables to start a small garden (at least 2 veggies) 
  7. A massage
  8. Buy a lottery ticket for a crazy jackpot
  9. A nice video camera? - September 2015
  10. 10 new restaurants in my area (10/10) Atlanta Fish Market - May 2015; JD's BBQ - June 2015; The Bucket Cafe - June 2015; Foothill Grill - July 2015; First Watch - August 2015; Butcher & Bottle - August 2015 ; Crave - November 2015; Salt Factory - December 2015; Willy's - May 2016; Downtown Kitchen - Spring 2016
  11. Invest (or gifted) a nice piece of jewelry
  12. Tickets to the Nutcracker

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

James Grage's Rewired and Yearly Mileage Update

Cheers to the second update on James Grage's Rewired 9-Week plan! I have officially ended week 4 of the plan and will be starting week 5 on Tuesday! I'm still loving the workout even with the amount of cardio being bumped from 15 minutes a day to 35 minutes a day!

During Week 3 I began to feel a sinus cold coming on during my workout on Thursday. It was a weak workout and I skipped cardio because I didn't feel up to it. Needless to say I ended up not working out again until week 4 started on the following Tuesday. I'm really disappointed in myself for losing sight of what was important even when I began to feel better, but I'm trying to move past it because my body was showing major signs of needing rest. I've rested up and I jumped right back into it on Tuesday!

*The newest measurements are in bold and then followed by a +/- for what changes happened.


Chest: 39 inches // 37 inches // 37 inches // no change

Waist: 31 inches // 30.25 inches // 30.5 inches // +0.25 inch

*Belly Button Waist ( because there are so many definitions of "waist" in the fitness/measurement world): 35 inches // 33.5 inches // 32.5 inches // -1 inch

Hips: 41 inches // 39.5 inches // 38 inches // -1.5 inches

Right Thigh: 22 inches // 22 inches // 21.5 inches // -0.5 inch

Right Calf: 15 inches // 14.5 inches // 14 inches // -0.5 inch

Weight Update: 163 lbs. // 159 lbs.  // 161 lbs. // +2 lbs. 

I can feel my arms and legs getting stronger while I'm working out and I'm enjoying the fact that I can lift heavier and heavier with each workout. My only wish is that I could get into jogging more and enjoy that. Treadmills suck and the weather has definitely not been cooperating and I haven't been able to get outside and run and see if my mile time shortens.

guns and hoses image

This upcoming Saturday, February 28, I have my very first 5k! I'm super nervous and I don't feel like I'm completely ready yet. I think the Rewired plan bumping up cardio during Phase 2 is working out great for my yearly goal of 400 miles. I didn't complete the ToneItUp.Com #100ByVDay challenge but I have taken on a challenge of getting to 100 miles by St. Patty's Day! That'll make my goal 146 total miles by St. Patty's and an extra 50 miles completed before Easter Sunday! So by April 5, my goal is to have run 196 miles in 2015! That's an amazing goal, and more miles than I ran in 2014! 

My goal for these upcoming weeks is to push harder on cardio and try to make it outside to run!

Coming up on Operation Twenties...:

  • Update on braces!
  • Update on February 5k and results! 
  • Wedding Outfit
  • Budgeting for Servers/Cash Handling Jobs
  • DIYs for Spring/Summer
  • Reading challenge??? Say wha?? 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

James Grage's Rewired Update

It's been two weeks since I decided to drop out of #thekaylamovement and stop doing Kayla Itsine's BBG weeks 1-12. You may recall the fact that I stopped doing it because I no longer enjoyed my workout. Kayla Itsine will kick your ass. Her BBG will kick your ass. She knows what she is doing and how to do it well. The workout doesn't fail you, as long as you stick with it. I am by no means bashing Kayla or her guide. I just didn't like it. It wasn't doing what I need it to do right now and the fact that I'm the one doing the workout I felt that I should be spending my time doing something that I enjoy doing. Which is when I switched to James Grage's Rewired 9-week plan offered by and decided to continue's #100ByVDay challenge. It's been two weeks since I made that decision and here are my thoughts on my change, and the results I have or have not seen since making it.

*The newest measurements will be bolded and then follow by +/- for what changes were made.


Chest: 39 inches // 37 inches // -2 inches

Waist: 31 inches //  30.25 inches // -0.75 inches

*Belly Button Waist (because there are so many different definitions of "waist in the fitness/measurement world) : 35 inches //  33.5 inches // -1.5 inches

Hips: 41 inches //  39.5 inches // -1.5 inches

Right Thigh: 22 inches // 22 inches // no change

Right Calf: 15 inches // 14.5 inches // -0.5 inches

from my fitness Instagram, here

I'm currently LOVING James Grage's Rewired 9-Week plan. I feel like it's really working and after two weeks I'm already falling back in love with my body, and that's really the most important part. I am working on viewing my body and my personality in a better light and becoming happier and more comfortable with who I am. I still check and post on my Fitness Instagram daily. Follow me! I follow women who empower and encourage each other with hopes to become a woman always empowers and encourages other females instead of competing with one another.

motivation keep going
can be found here

I'm most likely not going to reach #100ByVDay challenge hosted by ToneItUp.Com due to the fact that I spent the first 20 days of 2015 not completely motivating myself to complete it. I'm currently at 43/100 and Valentine's Day is on Friday. My goal is to get to  50 miles before the 14th and then get really serious and get to 100 by March 15. I have a 5k scheduled with my mom on the 28th of February and my goal time is to finish in 50 minutes! Wish me luck.

My goal for this week is to follow my workouts and push my cardio a little more so that I can actually run the extra mile so that I'll be more prepared for the upcoming 5k's I have planned.

Coming Up on Operation Twenties...: 

  • Braces
  • February 5k
  • Valentine's stuff
  • Wedding Outfits
  • Budgeting for Servers
  • And more!