Tuesday, February 24, 2015

James Grage's Rewired and Yearly Mileage Update

Cheers to the second update on James Grage's Rewired 9-Week plan! I have officially ended week 4 of the plan and will be starting week 5 on Tuesday! I'm still loving the workout even with the amount of cardio being bumped from 15 minutes a day to 35 minutes a day!

During Week 3 I began to feel a sinus cold coming on during my workout on Thursday. It was a weak workout and I skipped cardio because I didn't feel up to it. Needless to say I ended up not working out again until week 4 started on the following Tuesday. I'm really disappointed in myself for losing sight of what was important even when I began to feel better, but I'm trying to move past it because my body was showing major signs of needing rest. I've rested up and I jumped right back into it on Tuesday!

*The newest measurements are in bold and then followed by a +/- for what changes happened.


Chest: 39 inches // 37 inches // 37 inches // no change

Waist: 31 inches // 30.25 inches // 30.5 inches // +0.25 inch

*Belly Button Waist ( because there are so many definitions of "waist" in the fitness/measurement world): 35 inches // 33.5 inches // 32.5 inches // -1 inch

Hips: 41 inches // 39.5 inches // 38 inches // -1.5 inches

Right Thigh: 22 inches // 22 inches // 21.5 inches // -0.5 inch

Right Calf: 15 inches // 14.5 inches // 14 inches // -0.5 inch

Weight Update: 163 lbs. // 159 lbs.  // 161 lbs. // +2 lbs. 

I can feel my arms and legs getting stronger while I'm working out and I'm enjoying the fact that I can lift heavier and heavier with each workout. My only wish is that I could get into jogging more and enjoy that. Treadmills suck and the weather has definitely not been cooperating and I haven't been able to get outside and run and see if my mile time shortens.

guns and hoses image

This upcoming Saturday, February 28, I have my very first 5k! I'm super nervous and I don't feel like I'm completely ready yet. I think the Rewired plan bumping up cardio during Phase 2 is working out great for my yearly goal of 400 miles. I didn't complete the ToneItUp.Com #100ByVDay challenge but I have taken on a challenge of getting to 100 miles by St. Patty's Day! That'll make my goal 146 total miles by St. Patty's and an extra 50 miles completed before Easter Sunday! So by April 5, my goal is to have run 196 miles in 2015! That's an amazing goal, and more miles than I ran in 2014! 

My goal for these upcoming weeks is to push harder on cardio and try to make it outside to run!

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  • Reading challenge??? Say wha?? 

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