Thursday, March 26, 2015

101 in 1001: Month 1 Update

So far in a whole month since starting the 101 in 1001 challenge I have completed the following:

  • Came up with 101 in things to complete in 1001 days
  • Ran a 5k with my mom
  • Also went towards 1/3 5ks I wanted to complete

That’s not a lot of items being checked off of 101 but it is something right?! My goal over the next month is to of completed the following items: 

  • To have not skipped a workout in a month
  • To have gone on a hike
  • To have cleaned out my closet and tried to donate/sell my clothes.
  • To have seen an MLB game (or two?) 
  • To have sent Grandma flowers just because she’s amazing.

And of course have completed any other items on my list! Wish me luck!

Also, if I inspire you to create your own list please let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Toned Up Tuesday - IIFYM Program

If It Fits Your Macros. It’s sort of like counting calories, but instead of feeling like crap for eating a high-calorie meal you can eat it and just remember to “hit your macros” by the end of the day.  You can research a guesstimate of your macros or you can hire a macro coach. I went with the free version (in classic twenty-something style) and I googled my macros. I checked the calculator on different sites and found one that seems like it will fit me best. I started the IIFYM program on March 19, 2015 - the same day I started Fit Nika 101’s gym guide. The first day I decided to start the IIFYM program….AFTER eating Waffle House for breakfast. I CANT SAY NO TO THOSE HASH BROWNS, MAN! I wish you all understood the daily struggle.

I originally heard about IIFYM through MarissaLace on Youtube. She's a beauty vlogger, but I discovered her through her daily vlog channel which she mostly uses as her fitness channel. She has been mentioning the IIFYM program since starting her Vlog series "Project Birthday Body" or P.B.B. She's also the one that has led me to Jazmine Garcia and Nikki Blackketter on Youtube and Instagram for more fitness motivation! I suggest you check all three of them out and let them know Colleen from OperationTwenties sent you!

I am following the IIFYM results that I received from the's website. That included approximately 1760 calories with 59F/176C/132P .

Week 1 was obviously a struggle due to the fact that I spent most of the week learning more about the IIFYM program, but I believe I did well. I actually didn’t go over my macros very often, but I did only start this program on Thursday. My goal is to eventually started eating more protein and veggies and less carbs and fat, but like I said before - those WaHo hash browns always get me.

Now, some people probably think that this diet could become unhealthy because I could become obsessed with tracking everything. I’ve already been obsessed with calories before and I didn’t like the mood it put me in. I feel that IIFYM will - and so far has - help me be okay with having Chinese food one night as long as I hit my macros. This program helps me decide my fate. Eat healthy and low-fat most of the day and then you could have that one serving of ice cream I would normally feel like crap for eating. I’m also working out regularly by lifting weights and cardio that has been laid out for me in the Fit Nika gym guide. I’m not starving myself or “forbidding” myself foods. I will not have a fear of food and I won’t let calories control me. This is about learning to eat healthy, full, real meals. It’s a process that I hope to understand, master and eventually teach others about. 

Check out this website for more information! The Daily Beast

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Outfits of the Weeks - 02.28.2015-03.13.2015

My first fashion post ever. Get ready for some less-than-ordinary outfits here ladies, and gents if you are also reading this. I, by no means, consider myself a fashionable person. I try to be and I think if I had an adult job I probably could dress a little better everyday, but I'm also a 21-year-old female who hasn't graduated college yet so I'm going to enjoy my Nike shorts and big t-shirts until I can no longer wear them every single day.

In my 101 in 1001 day list I challenged myself to wear 5 "nice" outfits in a row so I'm going to try to update weekly on what I wore whether it was "nice" or "adult-ish" or rocking the homeless gym rat look until I complete that 5 day in a row challenge.

February 28, 2015. I attended a wedding with my boyfriend and I struggled to dress for the weather and the wedding because I didn't know if it was going to be inside or outside! How does one dress for both - the week after a huge snowstorm hits Georgia?! Here's my attempt: 

wedding outfit

Dress: SOLD OUT but found at Dress Up Boutique
Heels: Target - Black/Old. Similar here and here (in brown)
Also wore (not pictured): Black/White Striped Blazer: here

March 8, 2015. It was a few days before a friend's birthday and we decided that since most of us had school/work on Tuesday and Wednesday that we should go out on Sunday night for dinner. So I got dressed - four different times - and headed to dinner at Olive Garden where I caught up with some old friends and enjoyed a night out. 

dinner out skirt 20s

dress olive garden friends

Skirt: Forever 21 - Old. Similar here
Top: Forever 21 - Old. Similar here and here
Heels: Target - Old/Brown 

March 10, 2015. This outfit is a little more "me". Laid back, just come from the gym look (literally...). Surprise drinks and I didn't have time to shower and change after the gym. Luckily my friends accept me for who I am and how I smell!

workout tie dye

Tank: Homemade (DIY? Let me know)
Pants: Target here
Shoes: Nike - Old

The rest of the week was pretty lazy and laid back - or at work, boo. Stick with me people, I'm a work in progress, haha. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

London Travels - Part 1

Remember a few summers ago when Kate Middleton was pregnant and had the first Royal Baby? I was there. I was in London when the Royal Baby was born! I was also surprised about how much the locals didn’t really seem to celebrate the new Royal baby but it was all over the news. Everywhere. The papers being handed out as you entered the Tube were covered with pictures of pregnant Kate and with the words “ROYAL BABY BOY” plastered all over her face. 

I spent 5 weeks in the beautiful, historic London, England during the Summer of 2013. It’s been almost two years and I still miss that city every single day of my life. During my time in London my loved ones back home would’ve thought I wasn’t having the time of my life. I was definitely homesick but that was because I didn’t find my friends that were in my study abroad group yet. Once those were found, I loved every waking second during the warmest summer London had seen in years. 

big ben study abroad

We started our trip by leaving the Atlanta airport around 5pm EST on a Lufthansa airline that headed straight to Frankfurt. That flight might have been the worst flight of my entire trip. The girl who sat next to me brought the worlds largest pillow and most unnecessary blanket for the flight. She wouldn’t even try to move when I needed to get up to pee (or almost puke, like I said, worst flight of my life). We were laid over in Frankfurt for a while before flying to London. Once we landed in London I was beyond eager to meet a group of friends and get to exploring. I had plannedthis trip for almost 8 months by the time I landed in London. I slaved away at work and I saved money - and had money gifted to me by my parents THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM & DAD. What I didn’t realize was that as soon as I got to my room and carried my luggage to my room, that I would be completely exhausted and in need of major sleep. I had traveled since 5pm EST and was now in London at 2pm GMT which was basically 9am EST! It was crazy, but they wouldn’t let us sleep. They told us to go out and explore.

london study abroad

I had met one girl during my layover in Frankfurt and she was in the room down the hall from mine. We headed out with another girl to find all the things on the “scavenger hunt” list that was given to us. The weather was absolutely beautiful and definitely not the London we were expecting. We went to Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, found the Sherlock Holmes pub (but didn’t go inside) and we basically mastered the entire Tube in 6 hours or so. Ahh, now I understand why they wouldn’t let us hang out in our rooms all afternoon….

sherlock holmes pub

The next day the entire group were required to go see Hampton Court Palace. Talk about another beautiful London day! We explored every room, that open to exploration, inside the castle. It was my first castle! I ended up falling asleep on the train to and from the castle. Luckily people in our study abroad group recognized each other so as we were getting off we awoke the ones who were still sleeping. 

hampton court palaceWithin the first week classes I met up with a friend of mine who was also studying abroad through her university! It was awesome to see someone’s face who I knew from back across the pond! We met up at a pub that was between her tube station and my tube station. It was interesting to see how the local pubs had some “imported” beer that was domestic beer back home! They said they always have American beers come over during late June and early July due to the American holiday, July 4th! (We all know about July 4th!) 

I would give away the details of the rest of my trip, but then I wouldn’t have another blog post to write!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Third Rewired Update

This update comes with some good news and some bad news. We'll start with the bad news first.

During week 5 there was enough snow on the ground in Georgia that many schools and businesses closed. That includes my gym. I know that a closed gym isn't an excuse to miss a workout but when you don't have a weight bench of your own or anything of the sort the lifting process gets a little difficult. I also did sneak up into the Georgia Mountains and stayed with my boyfriend at his bosses house while his boss was out-of-town for the week. Up in the area I was in got about 5-7" of snow, which is more than the entire southeastern United States prefers. You northerners can judge myself and my peers in the South for thinking that's a lot of snow, but remember that we are in the South. We prefer 95-100 degree summers and 40-50 degree winters. This cold weather we've been receiving is not welcomed and can please return to the North. 

snow georgia

So I wimped out. I worked out just my arms that week. Then I had my 5k on Saturday, February 28. I had big plans for that 5k. I wanted to finish it completely in about 35 minutes. I completed it in 46 with my mom by my side. There's a little more to that story that includes a lot of Captain Morgan and Coca-Colas and some shame, but I did the 5k. I stayed by my mom's side the entire time. We walked and jogged some. She's 54 years old. She's overweight. But she finished that 5k and was only a minute over what she wanted to complete it in. She says she probably would've given up if it wasn't for me. That made me proud. That made me feel a little better about my decisions the night before as well. A Win-Win! 

During week 6 I decided again that I needed to get back on track. I didn't eat well, or even drink well during week 5 and I didn't use my two rest days before beginning week 6 well either. (Hello pizza, taco bell and waffle house all in the same 24 hour period......) I made it to every single workout. I was really proud of myself this week despite not seeing the changes to my body that I would've liked to have seen. There's only 1 more update in this challenge before the last review of James Grage's Rewired 9-Week Challenge. Then Fit Nika's Guide! (More to come on Fit Nika but if you can't wait you can find her Instagram here.

*The newest measurements are in bold and then followed by a +/- for what changes happened.


Chest: 39 inches // 37 inches // 37 inches // 37.5 inches // +0.5 inches

Waist: 31 inches // 30.25 inches // 30.5 inches // 32 inches // +1.5 inches

*Belly Button Waist ( because there are so many definitions of "waist" in the fitness/measurement world): 35 inches // 33.5 inches // 32.5 inches // 33 inches // +0.5 inches

Hips: 41 inches // 39.5 inches // 38 inches // 38 inches // no change

Right Thigh: 22 inches // 22 inches // 21.5 inches // 21.5 inches // no change

Right Calf: 15 inches // 14.5 inches // 14 inches // 14.25 inches // +0.25 inches

Weight Update: 163 lbs. // 159 lbs.  // 161 lbs. //  159.2 lbs // -1.8 lbs. 

Needless to say my diet wasn't exactly the best these past two weeks. I could make excuses like my monthly gift came and I was super busy, but those are excuses. I just didn't eat right. You can see that in the fact that my waist and tummy where more bloated than usual. Oh well, shake it off right? 

progress pic james grage

The above photo is a comparison between before week 1 and after week 6. I noticed that my arms have more definition and so do my legs. My abs are starting to peek through but at the same time I'm just as bloated as I was. It's a work in progress, right?!

Coming Up on Operation Twenties...:

  • OOTW (s)
  • Travel/Places to see
  • Toned Up Tuesdays/Mileage Update
  • Social Thursdays
  • 101 in 1001 Update

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Budgeting: Servers & Other Cash-Paid Employees

budget servers operation twenties

You’ve just dealt with the worst people for 6+ hours. Kids have thrown food on the floor. Couples have sat on the same side and then complained about not having enough room to put all their food. People have taken 100 different angles of their food and then talked about how said food was cold. Customers have tipped like shit despite your constant smiles and perfect service. You’ve sucked it up. You earned that money. You deserve it. Pat yourself on the back. There you go, good job.

The problem is now you have to figure out how to pay for everything and still have some extra money. Every server ends up having some type of system. Over the past three years of serving I’ve developed my own. It can get a little complicated, but it works for me.

bugeting for serversStarting off you need to figure out how much money you are currently spending on rent, utilities, bills, food, gas, etc. I just did an estimate of what I used to spend a month when I wasn’t living at home. Afterwards, I divided that number by the average number of shifts I worked a week. Once I found that number I divided it by 4 (4 weeks in a month) to find the minimum I needed to make a shift to get by. 

budgeting for servers

I found that I needed to make $57.50 a shift to pay my bills, not starve and have gas in the car to make it to my next shift. I just rounded this number up to $60 to make the math a little easier. 

Then I got a hold of a few envelopes (basic mailing ones are fine). I titled one “Rent/Utilities” and one “Food/Gas”. I wrote on each envelope that I need to put at least $30/shift in each envelope. 

To check our math I multiplied $30/shift x 5 shifts per week = $150/week x 2 envelopes = $300 a week x 4 weeks a month = $1200/month. That’s about $50 extra per month of  leeway room to keep you safe.


Well first off, shout out to you! That’s awesome (especially in 6 hours shifts? That’s $10 an hour!) 

I usually put about 25% of whatever I have left over AFTER saving into a savings envelope. For example, let’s say I made $120 in one shift. I would take out the $30 x 2 ($60) that I need to put in the other two envelopes and then multiply 60 by 25. 

budget for servers

If my math is correct, I would put $18 into the savings envelope and still have $42 left over to spend! I usually keep that in my wallet until my wallet hits $100 and then I take whatever is over $100 and put into my checking account. I just don’t like to have more than $100 in my wallet at one time. Safety precaution.

I try to do the 25% savings amount every single time I work just because that money adds up and it’s always good to have extra money. Even if you only made $80 after the two envelopes you would only have to put $5 into savings and still have 15 dollars extra. 


UM. I never thought this would be a problem that needs saving (lol….) but I have a solution. At the end of every three months on the last day of the third month (March, June, September, December) I deposit the savings envelope into a savings account for safe keeping. It’s really awesome and a great feeling when you go to deposit that money and you realize how much you’ve saved! 

I keep my envelopes in a safe place in my room hidden away in another folder. No one knows where it is hidden except me. I guess I’m a little paranoid about losing my money. 

I hope this helps any of you servers or other cash-paid employees save money! If you have any questions, please let ya girl know. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toned Up Tuesday - 5k's

Since I've officially titled my Tuesday's here on Operation Twenties "Toned Up Tuesday's" I decided I probably should post about something, you know, fitness related? I'm not going to talk about James Grage or his Rewired program but instead I'm going to focus on something that I finally completed and hope to complete more of  - 5K's.

This past Saturday I completed my very first 5k. I had high hopes for this run and it included completing the 3.1ish miles in about 35 minutes. I really believe I could've done it. Instead, I drank too much on Friday after saying I'd be the DD (don't worry, I still got a ride home from a sober driver - NEVER drink and drive ladies and gentleman) and I was a disgusting, ashamed mess the entire day on Saturday. I ended up walk/jogging with my mother, whom was the whole reason I even was signed up for the run, and we completed it in 46 minutes. I am so proud of her because she definitely reached the point during the run where she wanted to give up, but she didn't. She finished the run! She was a champ! She was so proud of herself and you could see it on her face. Maybe that's why I still don't feel as bad as I should about Friday night (just kidding, I definitely am still ashamed, but I'm 21 it happens). I'm extremely proud of my mother and myself. I may not have run the entire race, and I may not have even finished in the original time I wanted. I did it. I had fun and I want to complete another.

mom and me 5k first

What I loved about the race that my mother and I chose as our first was that it was a pretty simple course which was great for beginners, families and experienced runners. You got to chose which side you were on "Guns" (the police department) or "Hoses" (the fire department). We chose "Hoses" because we liked the charity that they were donating their money too. It was a lot of fun!

guns and hoses

I've been signed up for the "Team" Color Run on April 4, 2015 for a few weeks now. It is a sparkle run and I feel like it would be an absolute blast with friends - if any of mine were signed up for it. It is the day before Easter and that weekend is extremely busy at work and I just don't know if I will be able to complete that run. I'm now searching for other runs to complete and even ask my mother to join me on.

color run shine

There are many different websites that you can find your next 5k to sign up for. I usually look at or Big Peach Running Co. The latter is mostly for the state that I live in but sometimes they show bigger races in surrounding states. 

There are two 5ks I'm currently looking into in the next 3 months and they happened to only be two weeks apart. My mom wants to do both with me! Look out world, we're chasing after you!