Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Third Rewired Update

This update comes with some good news and some bad news. We'll start with the bad news first.

During week 5 there was enough snow on the ground in Georgia that many schools and businesses closed. That includes my gym. I know that a closed gym isn't an excuse to miss a workout but when you don't have a weight bench of your own or anything of the sort the lifting process gets a little difficult. I also did sneak up into the Georgia Mountains and stayed with my boyfriend at his bosses house while his boss was out-of-town for the week. Up in the area I was in got about 5-7" of snow, which is more than the entire southeastern United States prefers. You northerners can judge myself and my peers in the South for thinking that's a lot of snow, but remember that we are in the South. We prefer 95-100 degree summers and 40-50 degree winters. This cold weather we've been receiving is not welcomed and can please return to the North. 

snow georgia

So I wimped out. I worked out just my arms that week. Then I had my 5k on Saturday, February 28. I had big plans for that 5k. I wanted to finish it completely in about 35 minutes. I completed it in 46 with my mom by my side. There's a little more to that story that includes a lot of Captain Morgan and Coca-Colas and some shame, but I did the 5k. I stayed by my mom's side the entire time. We walked and jogged some. She's 54 years old. She's overweight. But she finished that 5k and was only a minute over what she wanted to complete it in. She says she probably would've given up if it wasn't for me. That made me proud. That made me feel a little better about my decisions the night before as well. A Win-Win! 

During week 6 I decided again that I needed to get back on track. I didn't eat well, or even drink well during week 5 and I didn't use my two rest days before beginning week 6 well either. (Hello pizza, taco bell and waffle house all in the same 24 hour period......) I made it to every single workout. I was really proud of myself this week despite not seeing the changes to my body that I would've liked to have seen. There's only 1 more update in this challenge before the last review of James Grage's Rewired 9-Week Challenge. Then Fit Nika's Guide! (More to come on Fit Nika but if you can't wait you can find her Instagram here.

*The newest measurements are in bold and then followed by a +/- for what changes happened.


Chest: 39 inches // 37 inches // 37 inches // 37.5 inches // +0.5 inches

Waist: 31 inches // 30.25 inches // 30.5 inches // 32 inches // +1.5 inches

*Belly Button Waist ( because there are so many definitions of "waist" in the fitness/measurement world): 35 inches // 33.5 inches // 32.5 inches // 33 inches // +0.5 inches

Hips: 41 inches // 39.5 inches // 38 inches // 38 inches // no change

Right Thigh: 22 inches // 22 inches // 21.5 inches // 21.5 inches // no change

Right Calf: 15 inches // 14.5 inches // 14 inches // 14.25 inches // +0.25 inches

Weight Update: 163 lbs. // 159 lbs.  // 161 lbs. //  159.2 lbs // -1.8 lbs. 

Needless to say my diet wasn't exactly the best these past two weeks. I could make excuses like my monthly gift came and I was super busy, but those are excuses. I just didn't eat right. You can see that in the fact that my waist and tummy where more bloated than usual. Oh well, shake it off right? 

progress pic james grage

The above photo is a comparison between before week 1 and after week 6. I noticed that my arms have more definition and so do my legs. My abs are starting to peek through but at the same time I'm just as bloated as I was. It's a work in progress, right?!

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