Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toned Up Tuesday - 5k's

Since I've officially titled my Tuesday's here on Operation Twenties "Toned Up Tuesday's" I decided I probably should post about something, you know, fitness related? I'm not going to talk about James Grage or his Rewired program but instead I'm going to focus on something that I finally completed and hope to complete more of  - 5K's.

This past Saturday I completed my very first 5k. I had high hopes for this run and it included completing the 3.1ish miles in about 35 minutes. I really believe I could've done it. Instead, I drank too much on Friday after saying I'd be the DD (don't worry, I still got a ride home from a sober driver - NEVER drink and drive ladies and gentleman) and I was a disgusting, ashamed mess the entire day on Saturday. I ended up walk/jogging with my mother, whom was the whole reason I even was signed up for the run, and we completed it in 46 minutes. I am so proud of her because she definitely reached the point during the run where she wanted to give up, but she didn't. She finished the run! She was a champ! She was so proud of herself and you could see it on her face. Maybe that's why I still don't feel as bad as I should about Friday night (just kidding, I definitely am still ashamed, but I'm 21 it happens). I'm extremely proud of my mother and myself. I may not have run the entire race, and I may not have even finished in the original time I wanted. I did it. I had fun and I want to complete another.

mom and me 5k first

What I loved about the race that my mother and I chose as our first was that it was a pretty simple course which was great for beginners, families and experienced runners. You got to chose which side you were on "Guns" (the police department) or "Hoses" (the fire department). We chose "Hoses" because we liked the charity that they were donating their money too. It was a lot of fun!

guns and hoses

I've been signed up for the "Team" Color Run on April 4, 2015 for a few weeks now. It is a sparkle run and I feel like it would be an absolute blast with friends - if any of mine were signed up for it. It is the day before Easter and that weekend is extremely busy at work and I just don't know if I will be able to complete that run. I'm now searching for other runs to complete and even ask my mother to join me on.

color run shine

There are many different websites that you can find your next 5k to sign up for. I usually look at active.com or Big Peach Running Co. The latter is mostly for the state that I live in but sometimes they show bigger races in surrounding states. 

There are two 5ks I'm currently looking into in the next 3 months and they happened to only be two weeks apart. My mom wants to do both with me! Look out world, we're chasing after you!


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