Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Toned Up Tuesday - IIFYM Program

If It Fits Your Macros. It’s sort of like counting calories, but instead of feeling like crap for eating a high-calorie meal you can eat it and just remember to “hit your macros” by the end of the day.  You can research a guesstimate of your macros or you can hire a macro coach. I went with the free version (in classic twenty-something style) and I googled my macros. I checked the calculator on different sites and found one that seems like it will fit me best. I started the IIFYM program on March 19, 2015 - the same day I started Fit Nika 101’s gym guide. The first day I decided to start the IIFYM program….AFTER eating Waffle House for breakfast. I CANT SAY NO TO THOSE HASH BROWNS, MAN! I wish you all understood the daily struggle.

I originally heard about IIFYM through MarissaLace on Youtube. She's a beauty vlogger, but I discovered her through her daily vlog channel which she mostly uses as her fitness channel. She has been mentioning the IIFYM program since starting her Vlog series "Project Birthday Body" or P.B.B. She's also the one that has led me to Jazmine Garcia and Nikki Blackketter on Youtube and Instagram for more fitness motivation! I suggest you check all three of them out and let them know Colleen from OperationTwenties sent you!

I am following the IIFYM results that I received from the IIFYM.com's website. That included approximately 1760 calories with 59F/176C/132P .

Week 1 was obviously a struggle due to the fact that I spent most of the week learning more about the IIFYM program, but I believe I did well. I actually didn’t go over my macros very often, but I did only start this program on Thursday. My goal is to eventually started eating more protein and veggies and less carbs and fat, but like I said before - those WaHo hash browns always get me.

Now, some people probably think that this diet could become unhealthy because I could become obsessed with tracking everything. I’ve already been obsessed with calories before and I didn’t like the mood it put me in. I feel that IIFYM will - and so far has - help me be okay with having Chinese food one night as long as I hit my macros. This program helps me decide my fate. Eat healthy and low-fat most of the day and then you could have that one serving of ice cream I would normally feel like crap for eating. I’m also working out regularly by lifting weights and cardio that has been laid out for me in the Fit Nika gym guide. I’m not starving myself or “forbidding” myself foods. I will not have a fear of food and I won’t let calories control me. This is about learning to eat healthy, full, real meals. It’s a process that I hope to understand, master and eventually teach others about. 

Check out this website for more information! The Daily Beast

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