Thursday, April 23, 2015

101 in 1001: Month 2 Update

Two months are down! I’m actually proud of the progress that I made this second month. I won’t even distract you with an introduction telling you all the things that were completed; I’ll get straight to the point.
  • I took Connor sailing! Actually, my dad took Connor saying but that’s just details. We went on Easter. When I originally started this list my dad didn’t have a sailboat and he recently purchased one so more sailing is in the future.connor sailing
  • I got a new job! On April 4, 2015 I interviewed for a job at the nearby Outdoor YMCA as a camp counselor. It’s just one step closer to eventually running a summer camp of my own! It’s only a seasonal job, but nonetheless it’s a new job!
  • I inspired someone to complete a list of their own! My friend Becca has her own blog (which obviously you should check her out) and she will be graduating the next few weeks from college! I know, we’re all so proud of her! She’s told me that her goal is to start her own 101 in 1001 challenge after graduation! Keep checking her blog (and mine, I’ll post a link when she starts it!) for more details!
  • I ran more miles towards my 500 mile goal! I'm currently only at 98/500. It’s been a slow start, but I promise it’ll pick up especially now that the Tone It Up Bikini Series 2015 is underway! 
  • I went to a MLB game. Actually I’ve gone to more than one MLB game. I went to Opening weekend for the Braves at Turner Field (one of the last) for my friend’s birthday and my birthday! We also purchased a Atlanta Braves spring pass which was $50 a ticket and got us into every home game during April and May! So more games to come! There will be a blog post review the Braves Spring Pass coming up shortly! 
  • I went camping. Connor and I camped out at the YMCA a few weeks ago for a night. It was really nice! I always sleep better outside. This was also completed before the Month 1 Update was posted, but I completely forgot it was even on my list!
  • I went to a new brewery! I went to Terrapin for my friend’s 22nd birthday! Terrapin was an awesome brewery and I got in free since it was my birthday too! 

Just gonna keep trucking along with this list, because I love it so much! I’m amazed at what I’ve already completed and even more amazed at how much more I have to go! If you want to see my full list click here!

Coming Up on Operation Twenties…:


  1. I'm trying to come up with my list right now and it's so hard! Too many awesome things to choose from. 14 days until mine officially starts :)

    1. Let me know when it goes live and I'll put a link to it on my blog!!