Friday, April 24, 2015

OOTW: DOUBLE POST: April 10-23, 2015

My sincere apologies for skipping last week. I would insert my excuse here, but I don't have anything coming to my mind right now.

April 10, 2015: Opening Day. Braves. Turner Field. Yes.

braves game outfit

Shirt: Braves Hudson 15 T-Shirt - UNAVAILABLE (Braves Store)
Shorts: American Eagle - HERE
Shoes: Converse White Low Tops - HERE

April 11, 2015: Braves Opening Weekend Day 2 & my 22nd birthday!

braves outfit

Shirt: Green Irish Braves Jersey - Target
Shorts: American Eagle - HERE
Shoes: Chacos - HERE

April 15, 2015. Lunch with one friend. Dinner with another. 

spring outfit

Shirt: Forever 21 (OLD)
Shorts: Thrifted and homemade
Shoes: Target

My sincerest apologies for not having a whole lot this week; I planned on having more. Life happened and I ended up not wearing anything special. I know it says from the 10-23, but that's only to catch up on my OOTD and OOTW posts. More outfits to come!

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