Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Toned Up Tuesday: 4 Tips to Help Motivate You

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I would LOVE to update you on my progress with the 16-week Fit Nika Gym Guide but we’ll have to save that for next Toned Up Tuesday. For April 7’s Toned Up Tuesday I felt that it was important to talk about my biggest fitness motivators and what I do to stay on track with my goals. 

  1. Follow fitness accounts on Instagram. I originally started following a lot of women from the Tone It Up community on Instagram, which then lead me to Kayla Itsine’s community and then to more weight lifting Instagrams. I’ve always followed @FitNika101 on both her personal and fitness accounts. I love following them all. My favorite accounts are:
  2. Create a fitness account on Instagram. I created my fitness Instagram about a year ago for the 2014 Tone It Up Bikini Series, but fell off with regular posting fairly quickly. I wasn’t completely serious about my fitness until recently. I noticed though that the pictures you’re the most nervous about posting are the ones where you receive the most feedback. Not all of it is completely nice - mostly because of people outside of the fitness Instagram world - but the people in the Tone It Up community and apart of “Kayla’s Army” and other fitness accounts are so supportive and motivating. They remind you that you’re doing this for you not anyone else and I really love that.
  3. Make your phone wallpaper a motivational quote or print out your favorite motivational posts and put them up where you would see them everyday.  This is something you can do for any goal not just a fitness one. For awhile I was feeling really bad about myself so I posted a quote that really made me want to work harder on Instagram and kept the quote as the background on my phone until very recently. It worked. I saw it everyday and even when my brain didn’t actually “read” the quote I knew it was there and it was a constant reminder.
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  5. Take Pictures. I take a progress picture almost every single time I workout. I don’t notice the day-to-day changes but when I compare the pictures to pictures I’ve taken in the past I’m reminded how far I’ve come and it makes me want to continue doing what I’ve been doing so that I can finally reach the goal I’ve been working so hard for. 

I hope this tips help you gain some motivation or even continue the motivation you already have. Good luck!

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