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Travel: 24 Hours in Athens, Georgia! Hoppy Birthday!

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About a week ago I drove the hour and a half up to Athens, Georgia to visit a high school friend for her 22nd birthday. I was ecstatic. I haven't been to Athens since Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan played in Sanford stadium a few years back, and that night ended up terribly. We got lost and none of the policemen would help us. That night completely changed my view on Athens and I never went back, until last Friday, April 17.

I arrived around 2 P.M. and a waited in my car for my friend to get home from class. We immediately headed downtown to her favorite place, Pauley's. We only got a drink and chatted and caught up because it has been so long since we've talked or even hung out. I got my classic rum and coke (I really do need to change it up...) and she got Pauley's Manmosa and a tequila shot courtesy of yours truly. A Manmosa is essentially a mimosa with vodka. We headed back after about an hour at Pauley's  and started to get ready for our evening.

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We waited for the rest of the group to arrive, which included many of my high school friends, and then we headed to Terrapin Brewery by Uber. You've probably heard of Terrapin beers including Hopsecutioner, Hopselection and Liquid Bliss. Terrapin costs  about $10 to enter and receive a glass. You get 8 "tastes". "Tastes" are about a half of a pint glass of beer, sometimes the people pouring the beer go a little over. I got lucky because my birthday had been less than a week before so I got in for free AND a free "Hoppy Birthday" glass! I started with the Hopselection which is probably my favorite Terrapin beer. We were there from about 5-7:30 and Terrapin is only open on Fridays from 4:30-7:30.

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After Terrapin we met up with a few other girls and headed downtown for dinner and then a night out! We ended up eating a this place called Taco Stand. It was absolutely delicious. I got a pitcher of Margaritas for $14! I got grilled chicken quesadilla and I honestly could've eaten 65 more because it was that good! The bar we started (and ended) at was called Magnolia's. We weren't there for long, but a friend's mom was visiting and she's so sweet and bought us all our first drink. I got a gin and tonic which was definitely more gin than tonic. I threw about four limes in the drink to help it out.

The next morning I woke up super early (props  to working at a breakfast place for the past three years...) and waited until my friend woke up. We needed breakfast so we headed to a place called Athens Bagel Company. This place has different types of in-store made cream cheeses and you can get a bagel sandwich like I did!

Overall I came home from Athens with at least 24 hours of memories and a full belly. What more could a girl ask for?

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