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Atlanta Adventures: Braves, Braves, & a Little Bit More Braves

I was born in Jersey. I've lived in many different states, but I've been in Georgia too long to not become somewhat of an Atlanta sports fan. This spring the Atlanta Braves offered this "Spring Pass" that allowed fans to attend about 21 games for $50! That's right $50. The tickets are given to the fans about 2-3 hours before game time and you have no idea where you are sitting until you accept your tickets. Yes, we've gotten a lot of general admission tickets (which are still about $8 a ticket) but we've also gotten some awesome seats!

Atlanta Adventures: Braves -

It all started with Opening Day. My friend turned 25 the day before. I turned 22 the day afterwards. What else could you possibly want to do with your birthday than go to a Braves game? I bought the tickets for the birthday boy. Then, out of nowhere the Braves announced this Spring Pass. I hadn't even finished explaining what it was to my boyfriend before he handed my the $50 to buy the tickets. Previously-mentioned-birthday-boy also chipped in. We split the 4th ticket in half so we can bring friends to the games if we want too. 

Opening Weekend

Friday, April 10, 2015.

Atlanta Adventures: Braves -

Basically general admission tickets. We spent the entire day tailgating. My friend Becca made some hotdogs beforehand that we chowed down on. They were bacon and cheddar dogs! How does one say no?! Braves won. Jumbotron twice.

Saturday, April 11, 2015.

Atlanta Adventures: Braves -

Day two. My birthday. My best friends came. We ended up getting seats in club level! We also told the Braves it was my birthday and I got this awesome swag bag filled with a foam tomahawk, a ball, a hat, a magnet with the schedule and so much more! Make sure you always tell them it is your birthday!

Braves won.

Sunday, April 12, 2015.

Day three. No birthdays. Rest and recovery. People might have fallen asleep at the game. We were in the Outfield Pavilion but the upper level. It was nice because there was a rain delay. Braves lost.

We ended up skipping Monday but we went Tuesday. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

Atlanta Adventures: Braves -

We technically had General Admission seats but we ended up sitting in the Braves Chophouse for most of the game. Braves lost.

We also skipped Wednesday, but only because it was a day game and all of us had to work. The Braves were away again until after the Beach Wedding we just attended. 

Monday, April 27, 2015.

We tailgated. General admission. It was just us three and my boyfriend also brought his boss. We ran into my best friend from high school as well! Braves won. Jumbotron appearance.

Atlanta Adventues - Braves -

Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

Everyone ended up being busy so it was just my guy friend and I. This game was a hard game to watch. We had general admission and the Braves we up by like 8 runs and ended up letting the Nats come back and win it. Braves lost. 

Atlanta Adventues - Braves -

We ended up skipping Wednesday for a break because the Braves were on a 10-game homestand. We went on Thursday but no pictures were taken. Braves lost. 400 level seats, but not general admission!

Friday, May 1, 2015.

A game against the reds. We had general admission and honestly Turner Field was packed. I believe it was because it was the first weekend homestead since Opening Weekend! Everyone was there. It was a blast. Braves won.
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Saturday, May 2, 2015. 

Atlanta Adventues: Braves -

Twelve rows up behind the first base line? Don't mind if we do. We had friends that couldn't make it to this game and MAN did they miss out. The Braves did in fact lose but we had a great time. I have noticed though, people that sit in better seats are not as much fun, energetic and spirited as people are in General Admission. We actually had people get made when we would chop too much. Seriously people, don't sit in good seats where players can hear you cheering if you aren't going to cheer! 

We ended up skipping the rest of the homestand. We have a few tickets left before the Spring Pass expires, but honestly this was one of the best things the Atlanta Braves organization did for their fans! We got to see many games and we've had some of the best seats! I've spent more money than I probably would have at concessions. I'm becoming a bigger and bigger Atlanta Braves fans with each game, but don't worry I still love my Boston Red Sox. 

I highly suggest going a Braves game or any major league baseball game soon! They're perfect for Spring and Summer and I've always had a blast, even if they lose!

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