Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toned Up Tuesday: A Letter to You

Dear Loved One,

I'm going to start with an apology. I'm sorry I don't push you to stick to your goals and promises. I'm sorry I'm writing this letter instead of telling you face-to-face. I'm sorry for what this letter contains.

For almost my whole life I've listened to you complain about your weight and your body. I've watched you begin countless diets and exercise regimes. I've seen you succeed in some of them and fail in many others. I've seen you plan out so many goals. I've watched you get excited. I've watched those goals be put on the back burner. I've talked to you about these goals of yours and how you have to succeed in them, but here we are...

Currently you are trying to get back on track, which makes me extremely proud of you. I just can't stop myself from waiting to hear the next excuse as to why you ate poorly or why you didn't go for that 30 minute walk or why you can't go to the gym. How terrible is that? I'm expecting you to give up on your health because that's all I've ever seen you do. I want you to want to be healthy as bad as I want, but I can't force you to do this. Aren't you tired of being tired all the time? Aren't you tired of being bloated and feeling "gross" all the time? 

Your back hurts because you're lazy. You have a belly because you eat like crap every day. You are exhausted because you don't do anything. Get up and go for a walk and tell me you don't feel reenergized. Go to the gym and lift weights for an hour and tell me you don't feel like you can conquer anything. One salad once a month isn't going to make you skinny, just like eating a slice of pizza after a week full of healthy eating isn't going to make you fat. You're going to fail many times but if you stick with it I swear you will see the goals you want to see.

Please stick with it. Please get up and do something. I know you're tired, but please just promise me 30 minutes a day. That's all I'm asking. Please, I want you to be happy and healthy.

With More Love Than You Will Ever Realize,


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