Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Adventures: Red Brick Brewing

The best time to have a beer is after a long week at work. The best time to try a new brewery is after a long week at work - in the sun.

Red Brick Brewing is in Atlanta, GA and it serves two pretty Atlanta well-known beers: Laughing Skull and Hoplanta IPA. My boyfriend's friend just happened to score some pretty cheap tickets to a brewery tour there and shared them with us! We all piled in the same car on Friday after I got off work and headed downtown. We arrived just before 7 P.M. on Friday and quickly received a glass and a koozie! Red Brick gives you 8 tickets to taste 8 beers. I started off with my favorite from the brewery, Laughing Skull. It's an amber ale which is one of my favorite types of beer.

Summer Adventures: Red Brick Brewing - operationtwenties.com

The brewery has tours Wednesday-Friday between the hours of 5-8 P.M., Saturday from 11 A.M.-5 P.M., and Sunday from 1-4 P.M. Most people that go during week are people that work in the area and just want to find a place to hang out and socialize before heading home for the day. It is complimentary if you just want a plastic cup to drink out of but according to their website(link) most people choose to purchase a souvenir pint glass.

They have a decent size indoor and outdoor eating area. They have huge garage doors that are open when the weather is nice and part of the parking lot is blocked off for corn hole games.

I only had two beers while we were there and they were Laughing Skull and a "Casual" Session IPA. Casual was good but it was a beer I would definitely have to be in the mood for. I gave one of my tickets to one of my friends that were there and three of my tickets I gave to other people who had run out of tickets.

Overall, I had a great time with a few of my friends. It was nice place to hang out with friends and relax and drink some good beer. I'd definitely recommend both the brew and the brewery!

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