Sunday, July 5, 2015

An Apology Letter To My Ex-BFF

To Whom May or May Not Deserve It:

I’m sorry we’re not friends anymore. I’m sorry that the last straw was over something that I really did not have control over. I’m sorry you chose not to believe your “best friend”. I’m sorry I didn’t fully act like a “best friend”. I’m sorry we grew apart. I’m sorry we tried to pretend we were closer than we actually were. I’m sorry. 

Do I wish we were still friends? Sometimes. I hope you are doing better. I hope you’re happier. I hope you’ve really truly let go of the past and everything. I really hope you’ve moved past all the dumb drama that home still gives you. I hope you’re getting the most out of life and that you don’t get involved with the wrong people.

I want you to know that I’m okay as well. I sometimes miss our past friendship but I have recognized that in the last few months before ending our friendship that we weren’t really each others friends. We were going through the motions. It’s okay for people to drift apart. It’s okay that we had to have a falling out to really come to terms with what our relationship as friends really was. I’m doing the best I can do during this time of my life and I have every intention of reaching each goal of mine.

I hope you’re doing the same. 




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