Thursday, August 27, 2015

101 in 1001: Month 6 Update

This month had a lot of success, but it was also a month of progress and reworking my plans so that I can reach my goals in a more successful (and cheaper) way. Check out my list to see what all I have completed in the past few months, and what is coming in the next few months. Until then, read below!

  • Tip a server 100%. Okay so I did this at Waffle House judge me.
  • Eat at 10 restaurants in my area (6/10). I added another two restaurants to my list. Even if I have technically had First Watch before I had a terrible experience the first time so I’m not even counting it. Also check out Butcher & Barrel’s post!
  • Run 500 miles. I’m officially at 186/500 as of August 21, 2015. Always making progress! 
  • Camp out in my backyard. Okay technically it was my friend’s backyard but we did it! 
  • Visit 3 different breweries. I finally visited my third brewery! It is called Reformation Brewery and it is a local brewery. I went for a private event, which was my friend’s 25th birthday! Read about it here.
I leave for Chicago a few days after this is posted - so be ready for next months update! 

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