Thursday, August 13, 2015

Leen Eats: Breakfast at First Watch!

Leen Eats: Breakfast -

I consider myself a breakfast connoisseur and I don't really care if it is self-proclaimed or not. I worked at breakfast restaurant for three and a half years and I have grown to love all sorts of breakfasts (including breakfast for dinner which is in my top 5 favorite meals). There's a local breakfast and brunch restaurant that opened up last Fall that I had a terrible experience at but I decided that it's been almost a year since and First Watch deserved a second chance.

Connor and I went to First Watch because we were searching for a good breakfast restaurant that wouldn't break the bank nor make us feel like crap later on (especially since I was starting the 21 Day Fix the next day). I hadn't been there since three days after their opening in October 2014 so I was ready to try it again.

Leen Eats: First Watch -

We walked in and the wait was about 15-20 minutes, but they took my number so that they could automatically text me when my table was ready. We went outside and explored a little and noticed that not only did they have tables outside for people to sit at while waiting but also a corn hole set! I loved that! Our wait ended up being closer to 15 minutes. I really enjoyed the fact that they could just text me when my table was ready but I did feel like I had to pay close attention to my phone - something I'm trying not to do when I go out to eat with Connor.

Leen Eats: First Watch -

We were sat and greeted by our server fairly quickly, but did need some time to look at the menu. He got coffee - which I was told was really good (bonus points for making him happy!) and I just got water. Our water "pitcher" was a tall and large mason jar-like glass. I liked it because I drink a lot of water at my meals and even more in the mornings! I asked the server if I could change their Eggs Benedict up a bit and get turkey sausage on it besides ham and tomatoes. She made it happen! Connor got the Tri-Fecta meal with a waffle, scrambled eggs and thick cut bacon. He ended up adding a side of potatoes because he thought the ones that came with my Eggs Benedict looked super delicious.

Overall our meal and service was way better than our first experience and the price was average for a brunch restaurant ($30.00 with a 20% tip!) and I will be returning to try their other breakfast items and maybe even lunch!

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