Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Recap: A "Disappointing" Year

2015 Recap -

Now that it is 2016 I figured it was time to recap what the previous year brought me. The obvious: a new job, new friends, experiences. That’s not really want I wanted to know though. I want to know what 2015 did for me. Who did 2015 make me? Am I a better person? Do I have better friends? Have I experienced anything new that I can bring into 2016 that can continue to make me the person I want to be?

I wrote down a list of things I feel are most important to reflect on: Job, Health/Fitness, Friends, Love and Travel. I filled in each category with the answer I could remember and then followed up by looking at pictures in my phone to see what exactly happened in each month. I was surprised at how disappointed I was with 2015 when I was finished. The reason I felt that way was that I did not travel like I planned (Here Goes: Travel Challenge if anyone remembers?). When I finished the list I didn’t feel like I could brag about 2015 to my future children. I took a step back and remember that despite not fulfilling all the goals I had for last year, I still grew in some ways.

I had three different jobs throughout 2015. That’s something I’m proud of. I quit my serving and expo job at J. Christopher’s in April of 2015. I started working for the YMCA in my area as a summer camp counselor in May of 2015 until August of 2015 when I started working for the sports department at the YMCA. In October 2015, I was offered a job as a temp at the Coca-Cola Company which is where I currently work. Three jobs in a whole year after working the same job for three plus years? I’ll consider that a win.

My fitness and health journey didn’t exactly take me where I wanted to go in 2015, but that fault is purely mine. I was kicking ass throughout the early parts of the year and when summer hit I hardly hit the gym, but I was hiking at least 7 miles a day at camp. I was in better shape and way more pleased with how I looked during the summertime. After camp ended my motivation slowed until I got hired at Coca-Cola, which is when it came to a halt.

I’m one of those people that have been best friends with the same page since ages 12-14. It isn’t that I didn’t branch out and try to find new friends. I was just pleased with the friends I have. I still am. We’ve just …drifted. We have different lives, different schedules and different goals.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them, but I definitely feel forgotten and I’m 90% sure it’s because I have a serious boyfriend and getting drunk every weekend is something I’m seriously over. Don’t get me wrong. I love to have a good time, but my liver and my wallet can’t do it anymore. Kiana, Sara and Daniella were the most constant friends in my lives and Kiana is a Marine who was gone for three months and Daniella lives in Chicago. I spend the rest of my time with a bunch of guy friends who have basically been putting up with my sh*t since I was in high school. I think the different between them and my girlfriends is that they are older and have similar goals in life.

A few months ago I made a “travel challenge” for myself and it was to travel to someplace new every 6-8 weeks and clearly that did not happen. I did notice that throughout the year I still did things. I still explored, but not in the manner I wanted. I explored my area. I explored the lake near my hometown by kayak. I explored different tourist attractions downtown. I explored the lake on my parents’ sailboat. I was super bummed before truly realizing all the different activities I did and I will consider the “tourist in my own city” activities a win.

2015 Recap -

There’s been one thing that has been constant in my life for not only 2015 but for every year since March of 2012. Connor. The boy deals with so much more than anyone could ever explain, including myself and he might as well be a saint for the patience he has. There’s no one that I want more to succeed in life than him, and there is no one in the world more deserving of happiness. *Sappy paragraph over*

2015 Recap -

What it all comes down is this: 2015 was not the year I expected for myself but maybe my expectations are too high. I figured out to get my @$$ in shape, I quit the job I hated, I made some great memories with some great friends. You can't ask for much more without some disappointment waiting to happen. 

2015 Recap -

Thanks for this 2015, but here's to you 2016


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