About Me

Hello, I'm Colleen!

I'm a twenty-two year old college-almost-dropout who is still lost in this great big world and only knows that she wants to see every part of its beauty before dying.

I am a big sister to Katie, a girlfriend to Connor, a best friend to a small, but perfect, group of friends. I love the Red Sox, but I'll support the Atlanta Braves as my home team. The New York Jets are quite possibly the most frustrating NFL team in existence with the Tennessee Volunteers coming in for a close second. I can be the sweetest person you've ever met, but I'm not afraid to say what is on my mind.

katie and colleen thanksgiving

Sometimes I vent more than once about the same topic, but I say I'm passionate about what is being discussed even though that's not completely true. I'm probably annoyed. Sometimes I don't say anything at all and my chronic bitch-face will settle in and everyone around me will think I'm so beyond angry that they'll keep asking me whats wrong - which just happens to be my biggest peeve. Convenient, right?

My goal is to find myself and who I feel I'm supposed to be. There are so many things I want to accomplish in my lifetime and none of them seem to relate enough to pick just one major in college. Hello colleges why can't I double major in Math Education and Business with a double minor in underwater basketweaving and craft beer-brewing?

I began this blog originally as Operation Undergrad but I soon realized I had more goals than just receiving a college degree. That was when I realized I needed to make this topic more broad and more relatable to who I really am. Enter Operation Twenties. I want to document my attempts at cooking, my fitness goals and achievements, my DIY anything and maybe my shots at being fashionable. Here and there I hope to travel and fulfill my hearts biggest goal of seeing the world with my own eyes, not just behind a computer screen while scrolling through Pinterest.

I hope I've interested you enough for you to stick around and if not, keeping browsing my page and I'm sure we'll find something we have in common. Don't be afraid to say hello!


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